In The Night Garden: Shapes and Colours

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In the Night Garden: Wiggle and Giggle Finger Puppet Book

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In The Night Garden: Wake Up Igglepiggle [DVD]

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In The Night Garden: Magical Times [DVD]

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In The Night Garden: Hello Tombliboos! [DVD]

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In the Night Garden: What Lovely Music! [DVD]

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Fun Toys That are Educational, Too!

For children, education isn’t always fun. However, programs like In the Night Garden bridge the two to provide an engaging, captivating world where learning and fun coexist and thrive!

But the fun and learning doesn’t just stop at the program alone. In fact, there are soft toys, play sets, clothing, DVDs, books, and more that further learning and give your little ones the comfort of familiar characters and they development benefits they need as they age.

Research suggests that while kids love toys, it isn’t all fun and games. Toys also promise multiple developmental benefits that make it simple to promote learning without boring kids in the process. And if your child loves In the Night Garden, they’ll certainly love the toys, books, and other accessories as well!

Educational Toys for Babies

In the Night Garden is intended for audiences as young as 1-year-old. As such, there are soft toys, books, and more you can purchase for your little one for developmental benefits.

All babies are curious about the world around them. Every new colour they perceive, sound they hear, and photo they see stimulates their brain, furthering development. And when you give your little one toys that are both safe and stimulating, you can offer additional support and an amazing learning environment.

You should purchase toys with contrasting colours, toys that make noise, and even play sets to further develop motor skills. You may even want to read to your little one for visual stimulation and early language development.

Educational Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Kids up to four-years-old enjoy In the Night Garden and as you can imagine, there are developmental benefits for this age range as well! In fact, toddlers can enjoy a broader range of toys that help them develop essential skills and expand their mental capacities.

The best part is that at these ages kids can begin to read the books you read to them as babies on their own, especially as they near preschool age. This will give them an advantage in school and a fun activity they can do with you as well as the characters they love.

Purchase In the Night Garden Toys for a Developmental Edge and the Fun Your Children Love

If your children love In the Night Garden, they’ll love In the Night Garden toys! And whether you prefer purchasing all books or exploring the benefits of soft toys further, you can find everything you need here!

Feel free to explore our full range of products using the convenient categories at the top of the page. We look forward to providing you and your little ones with all of the toys, stories, and other play accessories they’ll grow to cherish!